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The Missu Packing Room

A lot goes on at Missu HQ, and without the packing room, things wouldn't be the same. You can find the Missu packing room in a welcoming building based in the wonderful town of Wigan...   Without the packing team at Missu, our amazing customers, educators, ambassadors...

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New Collection Miss Lucy is finally here!

Have you seen our NEW collection yet? Miss Lucy is finally here and we can't wait to show it off!   We love it when new products arrive at Missu, especially when they are brand new colours and a part of a fantasic new gel polish collection. There is surely a shade for...

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Miss You… I Missu. Missu… I Missu Oh I Do!

So, it's that time again... Happy Friday Funday everyone... get your singing voices warmed up! Miss youuu, I miss you!   We are never short of fun ideas here at Missu Beauty Network. I suppose it's a good thing to go by the phrase work hard, play harder, right?      ...

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Trade Old For New With Missu!

Missu Beauty Network Gel Polish Trading Programme   Do you ever wish you could receive brand new gel polish products in return for your old ones?   Here at Missu, we understand that updating your kit with the best products can sometimes prove to be expensive and...

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Getting To Know Gracie – Junior PR Assistant

Who's ready to meet our next team member at Missu Beauty Network? We are back again to give you another round of our new 'getting to know me' thread. You've met our Senior PR Assistant, now meet our wonderful Junior PR Assistant Gracie Broad!   Here we go...  ...

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Gareth’s (Sort Of) WORKout at Work!

It's never a boring day at #MissuHQ...   Managing director Gareth Doe enjoyed putting us office girls through our paces with a rigorous gym session in our own Park Studio yesterday afternoon. Sporting a umm...very athletic Missu apron, he strode down the stairs...

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Your Invitation to our VIP Event

It’s time to dress to impress and get ready for our Missu VIP Event! It’s safe to say that a lot of work and dedication has gone into our Missu VIP event. Our special event takes place this Sunday 4th March in the stunning Hilton Hotel in Central Liverpool.     A...

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