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Bring 3D elements to your nails

4D Gel

Missu 4D Gel
  • High flexibility formula
  • Only cure under UV/ LED light
  • Take as much time as you need to create 3D or 4D designs
  • Great alternative to Acrylic system

Create 3D and 4D nail art with our pliable 4D Gel

Missu – Making It Super Simple to Use.

Our 4D Gel is specially formulated for nail artists like us (and you!) to create three dimensional nail designs. It is odourless and more sculptable than traditional 3D Acrylic powder. And because it does not set until it’s proper cured, you can take your time to play with your design. Think about 3D bows, flowers, love hears flowers and literally anything or shapes you can imagine!

See our the video below or visit our Nail Art video library for more inspiration

Over 20 colours to choose rom

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See what you can do with our 4D Gel

4D Nail art Gallery

4d nail art design

"Love love love the 4d gel!!!!! Def changing to this brand!"


"I absolutely love this brand! So glad I discovered Missu- the products are beautiful to work with, give lovely results and truly last, moreso than any other brand I work with. I can't wait to get more to add to my collection. Very fast delivery and their customer service is impeccable. Thank you."


"in love! I cant stress my obsession with this company ! everything is fantastically priced so easy to use and always so pretty 😍💅."


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