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Christmas is getting closer… and here at Missu, we’re definitely getting into the festive spirit!


Are you one of those people who is well organised and has every present bought before December even comes around? ….No? Me neither… but here at Missu we do have an amazing gift idea which will be sure to impress!

If you haven’t already seen our new product, then be sure to take some time to read just why our new 4in1 Gel Polish will be the perfect gift for a loved one this year.


4in1 Gel Polish

So, first of all, what is 4in1 Gel Polish?

4in1 Gel Polish has four products in one bottle – a primer, base coat, colour coat and top coat! If you aren’t used to having your nails done then let me explain what each product does:

Primer – A primer is used on the nail to basically prep the nail, ready for the gel product to be applied. It is almost like double sided sticky tape which helps to safely adhere the products to the nail.

Base Coat – The base coat is a layer a product which is used for many different reasons. It is used under the colour coat to help the colour stick to the nail easily and creates a barrier that helps protect natural nails. It also gives nails a more even texture and a flat surface to work with.

Colour Coat – This is where your lovely coloured nails come in! This coat gives you the vibrant, high pigmented colour you want to make your nails look gorgeous and party ready!

Top Coat – Top coat acts like a sealer to the colour coat. When the polish is sealed, it doesn’t chip or come off. The top coat also gives a high shine and glossy appearance.. unless you choose a matt top coat.

Normally, you would need all of these done in a step by step process. But with our 4in1 Gel Polish, all the products are in the bottle ready for you, meaning you only need 2 coats of product to have high shine, salon quality nails! Super easy and very quick.

Our 4in1 Gel Polish does need a lamp to cure, so we have put together the ideal starter kit, designed especially for home use. Each kit is complete with a Missu Mini Lamp and all of the other essentials such as a file, buffer, cuticle pusher, cuticle oil, remover sachets and of course our classic Red 4in1 Gel Polish shade, Gemma 03.

And if that wasn’t enough, all of this comes in a super cute white Missu toiletry bag; perfect to hold all of your home use products. Plus it’s so easy to travel with for those nails on the go.

Priced at just £45 for the full kit, (bear in mind our Mini Lamp is priced at £35 on its own) this is a Christmas Present made for those who love all things beauty & nails. A present complete with all you need… what more could you ask for?

If you’re not sure how to apply our 4in1 Gel Polish then don’t worry! Each kit includes a handy ‘how to’ step by step guide which shows you how to apply and take off 4in1 Gel polish. Our 4in1 Gel Polish is soak off too… so it’s super easy to remove when you want a quick change of colour.

We also have 24 beautiful colours available to purchase. Each shade is named after a fabulous female from the Missu community which have a little back story too! If you wanted to add on some extra colours to try out, then you are sure to be spoilt for choice.


4in1 Christmas
Now you and your loved ones can have that salon quality manicure in the comfort of your own home. It can be used on toes too, so you will always be party or holiday ready!


Still not sure? Watch our quick ‘how to’ video HERE to see just how simple yet effective our 4in1 Gel Polish can be!

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This Christmas, try something new with Missu.