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At Missu Beauty, we stock a new product called 4 in 1 Gel Polish. The idea behind this product is that it offers easy application, is long-lasting, it produces salon results, and can be soaked off, all in the same fantastic product.

These 4 in 1 gel polishes are ideal for both professional settings and home use. They are priced individually at just £6 and all twenty-four colours in the collection can be purchased for just £144.

Our 4 in 1 gel polish starter kit includes a bottle of the no. 3 red gel polish, a nail file and buffer, cuticle pusher and oil, 12 remover sachets and our mini LED/UV travel lamp.

Gel Polish

We also supply a number of gel polish collections, which offer a range of five different shades in 12ml bottles. Our Gel Polish will need to be used with our function gels and will cure under a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes, or under a Missu LED lamp for just 45 seconds, producing a high shine and long-lasting finish.