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About missu

Here at MISSU, we’re all about offering the best Nail & Beauty products for those who love the industry as much as we do. Whether you’re a student or a fully-fledged pro, MISSU Make It Super Simple to Use.

This is What we believe in

Our mission

We’re a Nail & Beauty network…

Not only do we offer high quality and easy to use products, but we also supply the key knowledge and friendly support needed through our remarkable academy. We offer a wide range of courses, both online and Face to Face with our professional team of Eductators based around the UK.

We’re building a community…

We strive to make everybody feel welcome in the missu community providing you with a safe place to build on your skills. A fun-loving support system is guaranteed on your road to excelling in the industry.


Make It Super Simple To Use

We have all been there and we know what you need. Why? Because we’re nail artists ourselves. We want to make your life easier, as well as making easy to use products.

So here you go – MISSU is the solution. We’re making MISSU products super simple to use.


How to collaborate
with Missu

Like our products? Want to become an exclusive distributor, a brand promoter or educate our students? Drop us a message, we won’t bite!

Become a distributor

The official Missu product seller – part of the Missu global family

Become an educator

The nail artist who wants to demonstrate his / her skills to our students

Join development projects

The passionate customers who have brilliant ideas and great opinions

WHere it all begAn…

Back in 2008, whilst Helen was studying for her marketing degree, missu was born. Helen went on to build a fantastic following and a successful nail and beauty business.

Helen knew she wanted to create her own unique products tailor made to her needs. With this, Helen created Missu Beauty Network ltd and the missu Academy in 2016.

Since then we have released many product lines from Gel Polish to Builder Gel, Acrylic and fantastic Nail Art products. 

We also continue to recruit an outstanding team of educators to bring you fully ABT accredited courses all around the UK. No matter where you are, we have you covered.




Behind the scenes

Meet the team

Helen Zeng

Helen Zeng

CEO and Founder

As the CEO and founder of missu, Helen is the brains behind the whole master plan. A talented nail artist, successful business woman and an all round fantastic supporter and educator. Helen offers daily free education via our social platforms and weekly lives. She creates all of our missu content and aids the information for all of our courses. As well as that Helen developes all of our products!



Gemma Scott

Gemma Scott

Managing Director

Gemma has been with the company since 2016 and became managing director in 2021. Gemma looks after sales and the academy. Gemma’s background in the industry is education, she helps with all of the courses and trains our educators. So if you are looking to purchase, distribute or take a missu course then please contact her. Similarly, if you would like to apply to become an educator then please send your CV and a portfolio of your work over to her email.

💌 | 07759491778

What’s going on in the missu world

Latest news

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