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At Missu Beauty, we have all the nail supplies you could ask for when it comes to nail…

At Missu Beauty, we have all the nail supplies you could ask for when it comes to nail design and artistry in a professional setting. Our 4D gel comes in a wide range of over twenty different colours, and there’s also the option to get a collection of either 5 or 10 colours. We also have a brush that is specifically designed for use with our 4D gel range, with one end to scoop the gel and the other end to apply it.

It’s Easy to Apply 

Our Missu 4D gel is ideal for nail art sculpting purposes. It has the advantage of being more pliable than 3D acrylic powder and so it is ideal for 3D and 4D nail art. It won’t harden until you cure it under the LED/UV lamp. Therefore, you will be able to work at your own pace and take time to shape your gel. As there are less time restraints, it also means that your design won’t require as much filing of the nail to achieve the desired shape and thickness.

It’s Healthy 

Other nail products contain HEMA, and as this is a common allergen it can cause allergic reactions in some people – nail technicians and clients alike. Another benefit is that it is odourless and produces hardly any dust particles when filed, and as they are heavier, they fall to the table as opposed to going into the air. This means that the people in the environment – especially the workers – won’t breathe in harsh chemicals, making it a healthier place for everyone. 

Contact Us

To discover more about our Missu 4D Gel, Gel Polish and 4in1, please get in touch with us by completing our online contact form, or by emailing us at info@missubeautynetwork.co.uk. You can also speak to a member of the Wigan team directly by calling us on 01942 568965. We will be happy to help you with any queries you may have about our products and services.


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