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Become A missu Wholesaler

missu Wholesaler

Become a missu wholesaler and share our products with your followers and create your own clientele.

Do you love all things missu and have a knack for selling products? We have openings to become a wholesaler, where you can sell and promote our brand whilst making your own profit and income.

We have different ways and brackets when it comes to becoming a missu wholesaler. You can become a wholesaler on a wider scale for a specific county or area, or sell items on a smaller scale via your own website and platforms. We are more than happy to discuss what works best for both you and missu as a brand when it comes to working together.

Remember, with becoming a wholesaler we do have certain rules and regulations that we need to follow, as well as having targets and minimum order amounts to make. All of this will be discussed once you get in touch with us.

If this is something that you’re really interested in and that you would like to get onboard with, then please contact us via email at for further information.

Become a part of the missu team, get in touch today.

Why not check out our shop to see all of the products you could be selling?

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