Become Missu® Distributor

Missu Beauty Network Ltd launched the Missu® brand in September 2015. We provide high quality nail products include gel and acrylic systems as well as nail art accessories/equipments. With our innovative products we have become one of fast growing international nail product lines. Currently we have distributors in Australia, Canada, America, Indonesia, Malaysia and Iraq. We believe that building a close relationship with our distributors and having great team work will bring our brand to a new level. Therefore we always look after and help our distributors to the best of our ability to help grow our business together. Becoming a Missu® distributor is a great opportunity. If you wish to start your own business or add nail products to your existing business, without designing and testing a new product or investing a large amount of capital, then we have already done that for you. If you love our products as much as we do, and believe that we can have a great business together, please contact us by email. info@missubeautynetwork.co.uk

Please contact us by email, and introduce yourself by answering the following questions.

— What’s you name and where are you from?

— What’s your nail industry experience?

— Are you currently selling any nail or beauty products?

— Are you interested in selling our whole range of products or just one certain product?

— How are you going to sell our products?