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Flexi Press Tips

The quick and easy way to achieve perfectly shaped nails

Try missu Flexi Press Tip system from just £6.5 a week

MISSU: Make it super simple to use

What are Flexi Press Tips?

Missu Flexi Press Tips are a new nail enhancement system that uses gel products to bond a ready shaped full cover tip to the natural nail. The precision nails tips are made of special ABS material which are super flexible and kind to the natural nails. This enhancement can last up to 4 weeks, and can also be infilled or soaked off.

Check out the video below.


The secret to instant,
perfectly shaped nails


The cost of a set of Flexi Press Tips is less than £2. And typically, you can charge between £30-£60 for a set of Flexi Press Tips without any nail art. Plus, you will be working much faster, which means more appointments, shorter working hours and more turnover. 

Natural looking nails, long lasting results

Flexi Press Tips are designed to be a time saver.

  • No more nasty smells
  • No more acrylic allergic reactions
  • Can be infilled or soaked off. 

Quicker, easier

Finally, there is a shortcut in life that’s worth taking.

Flexi press tips are designed for ease of use – you can learn the skill so easily. It’s also perfect for short or bitten nails. The fully shaped tips allow you to speed up your application time dramatically so you can achieve perfect shapes for all 10 nails instantly.


Our Flexi tips are available in all shapes and sizes

  • Stiletto
  • Small Stiletto
  • Mini Stiletto
  • Coffin
  • Short Coffin
  • Square
  • Long Square
  • Short Round
  • Almond
  • Super Mini
  • Extra Long Stiletto
  • Extra Long Coffin
  • Wide Fit Square
  • Natural White Coffin
  • Natural White Stiletto
  • Natural White Almond

Still not sure?

Our customers words

"Flexi tips are definitely a game changer, I love how easy they are to use. These are the only tips I use.''

Tori Marsh

"Flexi press tip application has been a hit in my nail salon. I can’t believe how strong & long lasting they are and no glue needed. I love that they are available in lots of shapes.. save me so much time on filing!''

Emma Louise O’Donnell

"I started using the apres gel x nail extensions first but then I discovered the Missu flexi-press tips and they are by far much easier to work with and they look so natural on. Love them!''

Farhanna Musani Salvador

"I started using missu flexi tips a few months ago and my clients love them and I will only use them now, easy application strong and long lasting.''

Alison Davis

"I love flexi press tips. They’re very flexible and very comfortable to wear. I have every shape they sell and am now selling press ons using all Missu products ''

Tonya Carmichael

"I love love love the flexi tips 💜 so easy to use and long lasting!!''

Louisa Bushell

"I’ve always wanted to try express nails and then I found Missu’s flexi press tips! These are absolutely amazing, their strong and last a long time, I love them and so do my clients! I can’t wait to buy more!''

Jeni Cheung-Harrison

"This has been a massive hit with my clients. I have had problem clients with lifting. They are so strong and long lasting I have even had a client last 7 weeks ( not recommended but I was amazed) I love them''

Emmie-lou Foster

"I love missu Flexi Tips and my clients love it too. Super durable and strong. Easy to use and many get 4+ week. Perfect addition for custom press on aswell. I love the shapes the tips come in. 💞💞”

Arpita Pandey O’Regan

"Absolutely love flexi press tips these are now my go to! Theyre so easy to use and remove theyre already shaped so saves so much time on filing and prepping and they look absolutely flawless on the nail ❤️''

Hayley Louise Price

"Flexi tips are extremely easy to apply, flexible enough that they feel like natural nails. They are also very strong and you get next to no lifting. I have a autoimmune desorder which makes my nails weak and they split, but have found using flexi tips have helped enormously. They are now the only tips I will use.''

Michele Simpson PT

"I love flexi press tips. They are quick and easy to apply and last long and feel light and natural. I do feel they are better applied with strengthener than build up gel. Also easier to use mini lamp to semi cute each nail first before curing all together under large lamp ❤️❤️❤️''

Sally Shepherd

"Flexi tips have changed that way I work! I have always dreaded extensions so long winded etc. Flexi tips and quick and easy and look amazing! They last as long as normal gel extensions on my clients too which is a massive bonus''

Laura Jane Mcglinchey 

"I love flexi press tips they’ve fitted into the gap in the market, they allow you to work quicker, the overall shape takes the polish nicer, and allows your natural nails to grow lovely underneath.. game changer !!! 💜''

Joanne Woodcock 

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