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How to make the most of your November Missu £69 Deal.

Here at Missu, we love a good deal! I mean, who doesn’t?


Each month we have a brand new £69 offer. With our huge array of high quality products, we like to change things up a bit. We just love to share exciting deals with you!

We used to have two options available, but this month we have decided to keep things simple for you. For November, we have made an amazing bundle perfect for you nail art lovers out there. Or even if you want to work on your nail art skills, this offer is ideal for that!

In order to help you visualise just what you can achieve with our November £69 offer, we have created a step by step tutorial. We want you to get the most out of our products. Here’s just one way to use the products available in this months deal…


Be Christmas party ready with our easy to follow, step by step guide. Practice makes perfect –

1. Using one of the nail art tips, stick this onto the magnetic nail art holder using a small bit of blue-tac. Gently buff the nail tip with a buffer and smooth any edges if necessary.

2. Chose your desired Gel Polish colour. Here we have used the very festive red colour from our Hollywood Dream collection. Cure this, and then continue with a second coat. Cure once more.

3. Apply our super shiny none wipe Top Coat and then cure this again. TOP TIP – nail art stickers and tape adhere better to a smooth, shiny surface.

4. When applying the Missu Nail Art Tape, try to keep it tight and flat when placed on the nail. Cut the tape slightly longer than the nail and trim any excess off when the design is finished.

5. Once all the tape is placed on the nail, finish this with top coat and cure under the lamp.

6. For the 3D bow, you will need to pour a small amount of Gel Cleanser into a dish or the lid of the bottle. You will also need the Silicone & Dotting Tool and a pot of our 4D Gel. For this design, we have used the 4D Gel colour Red Lips.

7. Using the dotting tool, scoop a small amount of 4D Gel out and roll this into a small ball.

8. Do this again so you have two small balls. Using the Silicone tool, lightly pick up one of the balls and carefully press it onto the nail. Using the tool, create a sideways tear drop shape, with a slight dint in the centre.

9. Do this for the second small ball, placing it so it mirrors the first. Once you are happy with the position, cure this under the lamp.

10. For the middle of the bow, we used a clear crystal and our Missu Jewellery Gel. Using the Silicone tool, scoop a small amount of the Missu Jewellery Gel out of the pot, and place this in the centre of the bow.

11. Using your Crystal Picker, pick up your desired crystal and place this in the centre of the bow. Make sure this is pressed into the jewellery gel. Once you are happy with the position, cure it under the lamp.

12. Once again, finish off this design with a layer of top coat, carefully and lightly coat the bow too if you want a high shine finish. Cure once more.

13. Enjoy your £69 November Nail Art nails!


Please remember that this is just one look you can create with our November £69 deal. This basic design will ease you into creating really effective nail designs, and with the nail art tips you receive, you can practice away!

Make sure you get this deal before times runs out…


Missu November £69 Deal – SHOP HERE