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Acrylic Dip Powder

Here at Missu Beauty, we offer an incredible spectrum of different acrylic dip powder for your nail dipping system. After applying your primer and base coat, you cure the nail, before adding the strengthener. This is the time to apply the acrylic dip powder, before curing once again and adding more strengthener. Repeat the process with the dip powder for three coats to get the ideal finish before filing and shaping and adding a further top coat. We can supply you with a dipping acrylic starter kit so you can take advantage of this innovative system where no glue is necessary, so it’s completely odour-free.

Our acrylic dip powder tubs are supplied at 30g, designed to offer nails a quick dip to create the perfect nail colour. We stock nearly 50 different shades, so you are sure to find the perfect hue for you. Our popular choices include Soft Pink, Electric Sunset, and Lavender Day Dream. Other more niche choices include Brownie, Heart of the Ocean and Seaweed. Each tub is priced at just £12 and features the Missu Beauty branding. Suitable for applications including 3D nail art, dipping and sculpting, these acrylic powders are a must-have for any nail technician.



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