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Gel Nail Systems

At Missu Beauty, we offer an extensive range of products when it comes to gel supplies. This includes our 5 free gel polish, 4in1 gel polish, 4D gel and sculpting products. It also includes a number of different kits and collections, as well as products for specific tasks such as providing top coats, and jewellery gel. If you’re looking to create your own gel nails, then look no further.

We stock a wide range of our fantastic new product, 4 in 1 gel polishes, which offer easy application, with long-lasting, salon results, and are easy to soak off. They are perfect for home or professional use and can be cured under your lamp. We also supply a number of gel polish collections. Each collection comes with five different shades in 12ml bottles. They can be cured under a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes, or under a Missu LED lamp for just 45 seconds, resulting in a high shine and long-lasting finish. Our 4D gel also comes in a wide range of colours, and has the advantage of being more pliable than 3D acrylic powder and is perfect for 3D and 4D nail art.

When it comes to sculpting, we offer a new sculpting gel that uses the latest technology and a non-heat formula suitable for both sculpting and overlay with tips. It can be cured with UV lamp in 3 minutes, and with the LED lamp in just 1.5 minutes. We also stock a special jewellery gel, which is ideal for attaching nail embellishments such as charms and Swarovski crystals. If you’re looking for something a little different then our super shiny diamond glitter gel is perfect, this can be used for glitter nail art, gel manicures, and gel extensions.

Additionally, we provide an extensive range of kits and sets. Whether you’re looking for a gift set or a starter kit, we have something for all levels. We also offer cleansing products and top coat products separately, but we also provide great collections of essentials such as our base coat, strengthener, and top coat collection. From nail brushes to polish remover, we have everything you could possibly need for your gel nail system.


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