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Top Coat Gel Polish

Here at Missu Beauty, we have a range of products in our gel category including top and base polishes. The clear base coat is necessary to secure the nail bed. Not only does it offer protection to a natural nail, but it also acts as an adhesive bed for the pigment to fasten. Once the coloured coats have been applied, the clear top coat prevents the nails from chipping or breaking.

Our base coat is available at our standard price of £15.99 excluding VAT. When it comes to top coats, you have the option of matt or shiny. These are available as a set or separately, and you can even get a top coat refill bottle. We also supply a gel strengthener that can be used either before or after applying colours to help the gel manicure last longer.

We also supply these products as part of a set. You can opt for the three function gels that include a base coat, top coat and strengthener.