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From gel to acrylic to equipment, we have all the nail supplies you need to create your desired nail design. And because we care about your nails as much as you do, all our products are high five free, chip resistant.

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1. Gel Polish

What's special about Missu Gel?

Missu Gel Polish is specially formulated by our team of nail artists, designed for both professional and personal use. It is a 5 free, non toxic, high quality gel product. And because we are nail artists – we know what you need

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Extensions, overlay & sculpting

2. Brush Up Builder Gel

What is Brush Up Builder Gel?

A brand new product designed for the easy application of Gel Extensions. Suitable for overlay and sculpting.  This builder gel comes in a handy 12ml bottle with its own separate brush lid for easy and accurate application.

Use with Missu Base and Top Coat

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Quick & easy perfectly shaped nails

3. Flexi Press Tips

What is Flexi Press Tips?

Missu Flexi Press Tip is a brand new nail enhancement system. Using our original gel products, you can ond a full ready shaped nail tip to your natural nail.

We only use high quality, super flexible ABS material, which means no more nasty smell and allergic reactions.


How long do Flexi Press Tips last?

This enhancement is super durable – they can last up to 4 weeks, and can also be infilled or soaked off.

Why should I use Flexi Press Tips?

Flexi Press Tips is super easy to use, so you’re saving 80% of your time . Plus, the cost of a set of nail enhancement is less than £1. You do the maths!

Your best friend for nail art

4. Pro Gel

What is Pro Gel?

Missu Pro Gel is a high pigmented gel, created by our nail artists for for gel nail art – especially for those details such as fine line drawing and 2D effect painting. Think about patterns, flower designs and more…

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Making it super simple to Use

5. Nail art tools & Equipment

What's special about Missu Equipment?

Missu nail art tools and equipment are especially designed to make all nail art designs easy to create. Each product is tested by us, so we know exactly how each product feels and works. 

Our aim to help speed up the process, whilst making it fun to do! 

How do your tools compare to other brands'?

Unlike other brands, we target everyone who loves nails, professional or for home use. All of our products are created with you in mind, making it super simple to use, in a number of different ways; each product can be used for so many different purposes.

Shop our range of equipment with ease and confidence. If you’re not sure how to use a certain item, then make sure you check out our helpful Video Library, or just drop us a message

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