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Missu 4D Gel (Sculpting Collection)


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Missu 4D Gel (Sculpting Collection)

Missu 4D Gel (Sculpting Collection) that feels like acrylic! This Hard Gel is perfect for those who are thinking about changing which nail technique or system they use. Our Hard Gel is has the same feel as acrylic and works brilliantly for those who are used to using acrylic products.

We have 6 colours available: 01 Clear, 02 Natural White, 03 Pink, 04 Nude, 05 Peach, 06 clear pink

30g LED/UV curable

This Hard Gel is file off

36 watt UV lamp -- 3 minutes

36 watt LED lamp --1.5 minute

All of our colours are great for creating a natural nail or natural base. Our Pink, Nude and Peach are the most popular for a natural nail bed!

Scroll down to see some handy tips and techniques on how to create fabulous nails with Missu 4D Sculpting Gel. Why not try our 4D Gel to create some exciting 3D designs? Shop our collection here -

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01 Clear, 02 Natural White, 03 Pink, 04 Nude, 05 Peach, 08 Clear Pink, Gel Base Coat, 4D Gel Brush, All 6 colours, Gel Cleanser


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