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Diamond Glitter Gel no.1 Granite

£15.00 £8.00 ex. VAT

To use Payl8r, please spend more than £50


A super shiny new gel with different colours of glitters.

Our newest technology created a high clarity and strength on this gel, which means It can be used for glitter nail art, glitter gel manicure, and glitter gel extensions for a long lasting and hard wearing results.

30 colours available.

LED/UV curable.


Soak off gel.



Additional information


All 30 Colours (save £50), Granite-1, Amethyst-2, Arian-3, Topaz-4, Rosa-5, Peridot-6, Alexandrite-7, Citrine-8, Crushed Diamond-9, Tourmaline-10, Pearlescent-11, Gemstone-12, Ruby Red-13, Meteorite-14, Igneous-15, Jasper-16, Platinum-17, Opal-18, Tanzanite-19, Sapphire-20, Antheia-21, Athena-22, Serpentine-23, Callisto-24, Rose Quartz-25, Venus-26, Selena-27, Baryte-28, Aurora-29, Iris-30