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Face to Face | Level 1 – Gel Enhancement

Learn how to apply and remove Gel overlays and Enhancements with our Brush Up – brush on builder gel and cool sculpting gel



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Face to Face | Level 1 - Gel Enhancement Course | £475 including VAT

This course is ideal for people who wish to learn the method of applying and removing Gel overlays and Enhancements. (Using our brush up - brush on builder gel and cool sculpting gel)


Prerequisites: Gel Manicure Qualification (essential) Flexi Tip Enhancement or any other nail enhancement course [does not have to be missu] (desirable)

Course Requirements:

  1. Initial Assessment
  2. 2 days guided learning (1 week apart) then a 1-2-1 session.
  3. Theory test
  4. Submit a portfolio which is made up of 3 sets of brush up builder gel (1 natural overlay, 1 infill and 1 set on tips [enhancement] Also 3 sets of cool sculpting gel enhancements including 1 infill.)

This course is fully accredited with ABT and you will receive a recognised certificate.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Health, safety & hygiene
  • Nail anatomy
  • Nail disease/disorders
  • Preparation of workstation
  • Client consultation
  • Natural nails preparation
  • Tip application
  • Application of a gel overlay using missu brush up builder gel
  • Application of a gel enhancement using brush up builder gel
  • Maintenance and removal of gel enhancement using brush up buider gel.
  • Application of missu cool sculpting gel to create an enhancement.
  • Maintenance and removal of a cool sculpting gel enhancement.

You will also receive a full student kit which will include everything you need.

Kit includes:

  • Base coat
  • Top Coat
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • 180 File
  • 150 File
  • 180 Buffer
  • Mini LED Lamp
  • Tip Cutters
  • Remover Sachets x50
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Dust Brush
  • Brush up builder gel (natural colour)
  • Cool Sculpting Gel (natural colour)
  • New Half Well Coffin tips
  • Gel Brush
  • Tip Glue
  • White missu kit bag

Please note that this course is non-refundable.



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