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Flexi Press Tip Starter Kit

Flexi Press Tip Starter Kit

Kit includes the following: (worths £132)
    • A box of  random shape Non-buffed Flexi Press Tips
    • A box of  random shape Pre-buffed Flexi Press Tips
    • Base Coat & Top Coat
    • Strengthener
    • Missu Mini Lamp

£95.00 Exc. VAT

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Flexi Press Tip Starter Kit

What is Flexi Press Kit?

Missu Flexi Press Tip starter kit is a new nail enhancement system that uses our gel products to bond a full ready shaped nail tip to the natural nail. The press on nails tips are made of special ABS material which are super flexible and kind to the natural nails. This enhancement can last up to 4 weeks, and can also be infilled or soaked off.

Why choose missu Flexi Press Tips?
Cost effective

The cost of a set of Flexi Press Tip nail enhancement is less than £1. And typically, you can charge between £25-£45 for a set of Flexi Press Tip nails without any nail art. Plus, you will be working much faster, which means more appointments, shorter working hours and more turnover.

Quicker, easier

Finally, there is shortcut in life that’s worth taking.

Flexi press tips is designed for ease of use – you can pick it up in no time, and it’s also super easy to use on short or bitten nails. The press on nails allow you to speed your job up dramatically so you can achieve perfect shapes for all 10 nails instantly.

Natural looking nails, long lasting result

Flexi Press Tips are designed to be a time saver.

  • No more nasty smells
  • No more acrylic allergic reactions
  • Can be infilled or soaked off.

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Kit includes the following: (worth's £132)
    • A box of  random shape Non-buffed Flexi Press Tips
    • A box of  random shape Pre-buffed Flexi Press Tips
    • Base Coat
    • Top Coat
    • Strengthener
    • Missu Mini Lamp

49 reviews for Flexi Press Tip Starter Kit

  1. Donna Watson

    Absolutely love the Flexi tip system, so easy to use and amazing products!!!
    I wouldn’t use anything else now

  2. Sophieleigh

    After using several expensive brands I came across these and never looked back! Totally amazing myself and my clients absolutely love them, so easy to work with, lasts 4+ weeks, I now own nearly all of them! Love love love!

  3. Caroline khan

    These are my favourite full cover tips, I have tried a few brands. They are very natural shaped and the whole system is great easy to soak off lasts 3 + weeks

  4. Michelle Bailey

    Started using flexi tips last year and wouldn’t use anything else now. The flexi tip system is so easy to use and can last 4 weeks or more. I definitely recommend these to anyone looking for try. Missu products are just fabulous.

  5. Mary G

    Love using Flexipress tip system on myself it’s super simple and last me 4 weeks. My favourite shape is the coffin and square.

  6. Thy

    I love it and want to have it

  7. Sherri Knox

    I bought this kit when I first started doing nails. The flexi tip system is amazing. They are so easy to use and everyone loves them.

  8. Denise Mallon

    A must have for anyone doing the flexi tip course ….. easy to use products that last… would def recommend

  9. rowanxxx62

    Flexi tips are a game changer. So easy to use, strong, and last well. Highly recommended.

  10. Helenanne Lindsay

    I started using flexi tips system at the start of the 1st lockdown as I couldn’t live without my claws, I won’t be going back to my nail lady, as I have saved a fortune, the flexi tip system is so easy to use even for me as I could even paint my own nail now am trying assorts of designs, they last me 2-3 wks only because I get fed up with design, infills are so easy too, my fav shape is coffin, I definitely recommend not just the flexi press but all missu products

  11. Babs Shepherd

    Flexi tips are amazing the whole system is so easy to use, full set or if you have broken a nail you can always look well manicured.with a system that lasts 3~4 weeks or longer with in-fill..Try them you won’t be disappointed and the best part is they just look like your own nails no one would know you’re wearing them.

  12. Shelley chandler

    Wonderful kit to get you started using flexi press tips . Only extensions I wear now as they are full cover and pre shaped for you ,means they are So fast and easy to apply , love them !

  13. Emma Gifford

    I tried other brands before I found missu and let’s just say missus are the easiest and best product on the market. I won’t go anywhere else, thank you Missu x

  14. Destiny Spicer

    The starter kit has everything you will need to start offering flexi tips!
    Everyone I have done them on have loved the results and said they look so natural. Thank you Missu!

  15. Eimear Mitchell

    I absolutely love the FLEXI tips they have completely changed how I work, they are flawless on and give such a smooth finish. My customers get from 4-6 weeks! Highly recommend these to all nail technicians x

  16. Toni Kelliher

    Flexi tips are a game changer! These extensions are so easy to use and look great. Long lasting wear and can be infilled too, so many of my clients request these and with so many different shapes and sizes-they are spoilt for choice! Highly recommend x

  17. Samantha catling (verified owner)

    What can I say? Having used a much more expensive brand in the past and was greatly disappointed, I wanted to love these but was a bit hesitant. Now these are my favourite nail system, the tips are very flexible and combined with the strengthener they’re as strong as acrylics, no lifting what do ever! They’re so quick and easy to apply with the help of the mini lamp (easier on the side) the strengthener is the best it’s not overly thick so very easy to use. These definitely are my go to mail system, my friends love it too

  18. Rebecca clayton

    I’ve been using flexi press for about a year now and it’s a fantastic alternative to acrylics which about 95% of my clients have converted too and with the less and minimal strain on the nails its also brilliant for clients with weaker nails. Its also a quicker service to provide so means achieving more foot fall too and is great for repairs in gel services.I started with this kit and has everything you need to start you off I would defo recommend this kit and they also have training /plenty of support to help you along the way

  19. Lucie Vickers

    Absolute great starter kit! A lot quicker and easier also provide amazing shape without having to do much! I highly recommend this starter kit!

  20. javeriabutt123

    love love love them and its so eazy to apply xx

  21. Cristina Zavelca

    I love them , received them as a gift and feel in love. They are totally a game changer and a lot easier process.

  22. Claire Douglas

    The starter kits are ideal for beginners because it comes with everything that you need to create amazing nails. This system is so quick and easy to use and the results make for long lasting nail extensions.

  23. Jade cole

    Absolutely love the flexi press tips system, it’s been a god send for doing my daughters nails. They can be applied quickly & easily, the shapes are done for you so filing is minimal so easy if you don’t use an efile, highly recommended all missu products x

  24. Deanna

    Absolutely love them easy to use kit is great for beginners amazing products x

  25. Colleen

    The easiest & quickest system I have ever used with no nasty chemical smells, with all the same results as the other systems. Easy to apply, infill & remove. Won’t ever look back

  26. Ewelina

    Super easy to use! You can transform your nails on no time for those small or big outings

  27. Nicole Foster

    I absolutely love missu flexi press tips. I have tried other brands, and none come close to missu.

  28. Olfa Abel Medina

    It is the best and easiest nail system especially for beginners. i love these products

  29. Rita

    This starter kit has everything you need and trust me you will be converted! It’s simple and easy to use with tips lasting for 3/4weeks. What are you waiting for…. go get it !

  30. Simona

    A must have kit

  31. Sally shepherd

    These are the best tips and system I’ve used in 13 years of being hail tech..

  32. Kelly

    Love the flexi press tips system so easy and quick to use beautiful product in lovely bottles super easy to infill aswell.

  33. Felicia

    My favorite way to extend nails! There are so many shapes and lengths to choose from, it’s lightweight and strong yet flexible, my clients and I get so many compliments on them!

  34. Carol

    I have looked into these flexi nails and it appears to be better then acrylics extensions from the nail shops plus save money and less damage to ur natural nails. I’m so going for these myself

  35. Susan

    Not bought theses yet but carnt wait to purchace them xxx

  36. Martella Ellis

    I absolutely love flexi tips and the Strengthener ! It’s super easy to apply and doesn’t budge once applied yet so easy and quick to remove, what more could you ask for!! Not only this but the support group on FB and YouTube has so many tutorials and tips on how to apply them xxx also I have fibromyalgia it means I’m always in pain but!! With this system I’m completing beautiful sets quicker with less strain on my body so I still get to do my dream job !! Must have for any tech!!!

  37. Carla

    They look amazing and easy and i bet it saves you a lot of money by using these

  38. Bella Burland Sully

    This kit and the whole system are amazing. The flexi press tips can stay on for weeks and weeks (well over a month!) and the strengthener, non-wipe top coat and base coat all work perfectly and easily! Definitely deserving of 5 stars

  39. Hannah Wills

    The best quality products I’ve used by far, this starter kit if perfect for someone just starting out, missu offer the best support on their Facebook groups, live demos and always tips and tricks given, Thankyou for helping me start my nail journey x

  40. Eve

    This kit is amazing! Totally cuts the shaping time out with so many amazing choices… And everything you need in the kit to get amazing nails in half the time

  41. Kimberley Lindfield-Short

    Having done nails for years now these have been a total game changer. They are durable, flexible, well designed and fantastic to use. I have never looked back and only added to my ever growing collection. Would highly recommend x

  42. Michelle Bunting

    Amazing easy to apply, straight forward ❤️❤️❤️

  43. Patricia Osborne

    Having tried some other brands these are by far the most natural and easy system to use. Can’t recommend highly enough

  44. Carlie Warren

    Absolutely love flexi press tips. So easy to use. Complete game changer!!!

  45. Donna Craig

    Missu flexi tips are the best full nail tips! I’ve tried a few brands & Missu flexi tips are the tips I use every time, so nice to work with & easy to apply, perfect if you are trying to grow your natural nails & suitable as press on nails for your clients or if you fancy a weekend set for yourself, the sticky tabs by Missu are good quality & excellent for temporary press on nails. Flexi Press tips can be applied with acrylic, multi function gel along with Missu strengthener, they last way over 3 – 4 weeks, mine have lasted 5 weeks plus with NO lifting. I love Missu Flexi press tips, they come in lots of shapes & lengths that fit comfortably on all shapes of natural nails, I highly recommend Missu Flexi Press tips, if I could rate higher than 5 stars I would do. they have upped my nail game no end! x

  46. Lisa knott

    The flexi press system is brilliant so easy to use and saves time

  47. Kate Lee

    I love the flexi tips! Game changer! I’m really hard on nails…figured I’d try these! The strengthener is amazing! They’re so easy to shape too… and if ye can’t be bothered filing just buy your shape! I’ve coffin and stiletto… but shape them depending on mood lol. Oh and my daughter knocked 2 off her own hand after hitting of car door… zero nail damage… unreal!

  48. Sharon.harding

    Flexpress are amazing ive been a nail tech for 25 years and had never found an easy way to do my own nails it used to take me hours . But not now . Since my back surgeries sitting for long periods is so hard and painful. But with flexpress tips I can redo my nails and art and I dont suffer pain .
    They are a life saver . Thankyou .

  49. Claire Roberts

    Fantastic kit!!! Easy to use and obtain fabulous results even when a complete novice.
    I would recommend anyone to give them a go.

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