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Mei Mei Gel Polish (discontinued colours)

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Mei Mei gel polish is specially designed for our monthly subscription box (Mei Mei Beauty Box).  Each month there is a collection (4 colours) of Mei Mei gel polish in the beauty box along with other nail & beauty products. If you would like to receive the newest collection every month, please check out the Mei Mei Beauty Box.

However we do have some individul colours for sale which are left from past beauty boxes. All the Mei Mei gel polish colours are limited editions, and they are going to be discontonued after sold out. So hurry up and grab the colours you like now 🙂

You can use Mei Mei gel polish with Mei Mei Base/Glittle Top Coat, or  Missu Base/Top Coat.

size: 10ml

soak off UV/LED gel polish

curing time: 45 seconds

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Rosie 1, Rosie 2, Rosie3, Rosie 4, Sunnie 1, Sunnie 2, Sunnie 3, Sunnie 4, Girlie 1, Girlie 2, Girlie 3, Girlie 4, Sweetie 1, Sweetie 2, Sweetie 3, Sweetie 4, Shellie 1, Shellie 2, Shellie 3, Shellie 4, Berrie 1, Berrie 2, Berrie 3, Berrie 4, Diane 1, Diane 2, Diane 3, Diane 4

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