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Mei Mei Water Decals

Water decals is super easy nail art decoration which can be used on top of nail polish, UV gel, acrylic nails and much more. Designed for home users where you can create cute nails in just second. 

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Design 1 (Power Puff Girls), Design 2 (Marble), Design 3 (Marble), Design 4 (Marble), Design 5 (Marble), Design 6 (Marble), Design 7 (Zebra), Design 8 (Flower), Design 9 (Leopard), Design 10 (Floral), Design 11 (Mixed Print), Design 12 (Lilo & Stitch), Design 13 (Unicorn), Design 14 (Magician), Design 15 (Barbie), Design 16 (80s), Design 17 (Alice in Wonderland), Design 18 (Pokemon)

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