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MeiMei Gel Polish-Candie 01

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MeiMei Gel Polish-Candie 01

MeiMei Gel Polish-Candie 01 is specially designed for our monthly Nail Art Box. The Nail Art Box is a must have for all nail art lovers. Created by Missu nail artists, each box comes with a full set of products, 4x Gel Polish, equipment and step by step instruction, you'll have everything you need to create the latest nail designs. The idea is to let you guys try out new nail art technique and skills that you wouldn't think to try, or have always wanted to give it a go but not had the change to. It's also affordable as you get all the bits you need without breaking the bank. It is usually worth over £45, will definitely get your moneys worth. If you would like to receive the newest collection every month, please check out the Mei Mei Nail Art Box.

All the Mei Mei gel polish colours are limited editions, and they are going to be discontinued after sold out. So hurry up and grab the colours you like now 🙂

How to use:

  1. Prep the natural nail by pushing the cuticle back, filing the free edge and buffing the shine away from the nail plate.
  2. Paint the base coat, then cure in the lamp for 45 seconds.
  3. Then paint the first coat of your MeiMei Gel polish then cure in the lamp for 45 seconds
  4. And paint the second coat of your MeiMei Gel polish then cure in the lamp for 45 seconds.
  5. Apply cuticle oil to the skin around your nail without getting it on the nail, to finish!

You can use Mei Mei gel polish with Mei Mei Base/Glittery Top Coat, or  Missu Base/Top Coat.

Product Size: 10ml

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