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Missu 4D Gel (Hot Chocolate)

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Missu Hot Chocolate 4D Gel is an exciting product which is new to the UK.

Hot Chocolate is odourless and more pliable than 3D Acrylic powder and can be used for a wide range of things. Unlike Acrylic, the 4D Gel does not set until cured under UV/ LED light giving you as much time as you need to create your 3D and 4D nail art.

Unleash your sculpting techniques and have fun experimenting with different shapes and models! Each of our 4D Gel pots contains a unique colour which can be used to bring any nail to life. Why not try our Hot Chocolate to create some super cute teddy bears or chocolate ice-cream cones? It sounds good enough to eat!

Take a look at our images to see how you can use our Missu 4D Gel.

Can’t choose just one colour? Don’t worry, why not have 10 to play with –


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