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MISSU Drill Bits

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MISSU Drill Bits

Drill bits are designed for professional nail technicians to prep nails and shape nail products safely and quickly. It saves a lot of time so you can speed up each nail appointments.

The drill bits shank fits in all e-file machines on the market.

To book an e-file course please see details HERE.

Choose the bit:

Tornado Remover - This bit is perfect for removing Gel & Acrylic from the nail.

Safety Smoother - This bit is excellent for smoothing over the finished nail; helping to create a flawless, level finish. It also has a safety feature top, meaning it is kind to the cuticle area and the skin around the nail bed.

Cuticle Remover - This bit is designed for removing products from around the cuticle area when using acrylic, gel or flexi tips. It is pointed to help achieve a close and precise finish.

Cuticle Smoother - This bit is designed for shaping and smoothing products in the cuticle area when using gel products. It is pointed to help achieve a close and precise finish.

Pointed Mani & Pedi - This bit is perfect for manicures and pedicures. It is designed to clean the cuticle area, remove hard or dead skin and for getting into any small or hard to reach areas.


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