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Missu Gel Polish (discontinued colours)

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Missu Gel Polish is a high quality gel product for professional and personal use.
5-FREE non-toxic gel polish.

  • Cure under a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes
  • Cure under Missu LED lamp for 45 seconds
  • High shine, long-lasting finish
  • Product size: 12ml

Don't forget your Base Coat, Strengthener & Shiny non-wipe Top Coat too!

Need some nail inspo? Check out our YouTube Channel HERE

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Five Shades 3, Five Shades 5, Miss Sweet 4, Miss Sweet 5, Hello Fall 5, Miss Midnight 1, Prancer (silver glitter), Blitzen (gold glitter), Vixen (rose gold shimer), Dasher (white glitter), Cupid (red glitter), Spring Break no.1, Spring Break no.2, Spring Break no.3, Spring Break no.4, Spring Break no.5, Spring Break no.6, Spring Break no.7, Spring Break no.8, Spring Break no.9, Spring Break no.10

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