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MeiMei Non-Wipe Jewellery Gel

This item contains 8 pots of Jewellery Gel in our old packaging.

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MeiMei Non-Wipe Jewellery Gel

MeiMei Non-Wipe Jewellery Gel is a a soak off gel with high viscosity - perfect for attaching nail charms, Swarovski crystals and other nail embellishments. Our Jewellery Gel's non-sticky consistency and the non-flexibility curing results make it easy to place jewels and have the jewels stay on for 3-4 weeks. The jewellery gel is in a easy to use squeezy tube making product application more precise and clean, it is also non-wipe meaning that you don't need to apply top coat on top of it.

  • Cures by UV/ LED light. Soak off
  • 2 mins under 36w UV lamp
  • 45-60 seconds under 45w LED/UV lamp
  • Product Size: 8g

How to use:

  1. Pick up a small amount of Jewellery Gel and apply it onto the areas you want to attach nail charms or crystals.
  2. Place the nail charms or crystals onto the nail
  3. Cure 45-60 seconds under LED/UV lamp
  4. Apply non-wipe top coat and cure (optional)

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