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10x Press On Nails Sizing Kit

This item includes 10 set of Press-on Nails Sizing Kits that are ready for 10 clients. 

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10 x Press-on Nails Sizing Kit

This '10 x Press-on Nails Sizing Kit' includes 10 sets of press-on nails sizing kits. You can choose different shapes of tips by selecting them in the drop-down menu. It's a perfect retail product if you have a press-on nails business. By selling this sizing kit to your clients you can customise their press-on nails easier and quicker.

By asking your client to measure their nails can help you in many ways. It can save you time as you don't need to paint all the different sized nail tips, save products as you wouldn't be using as much.

You may also need some Glue Tabs for your clients to apply their press-on nails. These adhesive transparent nail glue tabs are specially formulated by MISSU. It is a convenient way to help you stick the false nail tips easily. 12 different sizes of tabs on each sheet, fit for each nail. Premium quality with waterproof formula, which allows your press-on nails last 1-2 weeks. They are easy to remove, and can make the false nail reusable, which is great for temporary nails/natural nails.

If you can't find the shape you would like to order in the drop-down menu, please contact us by email:

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