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Round Glitter-Light Blue

Shop now for our Round Glitter-Light Blue to add that shine to your nails. They say you can never have enough glitter.

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Round Glitter-Light Blue

Don't be afraid of sparkles! Use Round Glitter-Light Blue to add that extra sparkle to your nails. You can use our multifunction gel as the glitter base and sprinkle glitter all over the nail, then cure under the UV lamp for 45 seconds. For an easier application you can use the Cuticle Pusher to scoop the glitter onto the nails. To catch all the loose glitter you can us a Glitter Tray.

Different colours and style of glitter allowing you to express your creative side. The glitters are perfect to decorate nails but you can also use it on your face or other body art for festivals and parties. Our glitter is made of premium material, non toxic and absolutely safe, will not cause any skin damage, allergies or itching. Effortlessly removed by some water or gently make up remover.

How to use:

  1. Prep your nails by removing your cuticles, then shape the nails to how you like it and buff the natural shine off your nails.
  2. Apply base coat and cure under UV light for 45 second.
  3. Apply any gel, acrylic, or polish colour of your choice.
  4. Once your nails are ready you can start applying your Summer Glitter.
  5. Use Cuticle Pusher for easy application so you can scoop the glitter.
  6. Tap off any excess glitter.
  7. Complete your nail design.
  8. To seal the the glitter use Non-wipe Top Coat.

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