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Small Ball Cuticle Remover Drill Bit.

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Small Ball Cuticle Remover Drill Bit.

Small Ball Cuticle Remover Drill Bit. High quality Missu drill bit. This bit is designed for removing the cuticle from the natural nail. It's shape helps to remove all excess skin and shape the cuticle area ready for applying your product.

Drill bits are designed for professional nail technicians to file off nail products safely and quickly. It saves a lot of time so you can speed up each nail appointments. Our drill bits are made with the highest quality tungsten carbide which are incredibly hard wearing and cut through all sorts of nails products.The shank length is perfect for most e-files as it sits at the prefect distance from the hand piece for optimal filing.

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You can also take a look at our YouTube channel for lots of nail art and design inspiration, as well as super helpful 'how to' videos and tutorials - take a look HERE.


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