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Magico Nail Art Stickers

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High quality nail art stickers for both gel and acrylic nail designs.

Size 8.5cm x 13.5cm

except the English Writing design size: 8.5cm x 8cm

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MG G032, English Writing, MG 373, MG 319, MG 382, MG 176, Silver Feather, Gold Feather, Water Colour Poppy, MG 145-x, MG 398, MG 119-2, MG 013-3, MG G029, Holiday, Gold Deco, MG 092-2, MG 084, MG 318, MG 349, MG 055-2, MG 195, MG 309, MG 145, MG 62-2, MG 388, Small Black Flower, MG 366