Summer is here – unleash your inner creativity! Think about holiday nails, neon colours and summer nail art. Stay creative whilst at home. 

summer house party nails

Bright and colourful

Let’s get those crazy colours on your nails this summer…. it’s all about being bold.

Our new Mei Mei Nail Art Book contains over 100 ideas that you can try at home. Get inspired. Try something new.


Host your own #Summer

with our Mei Mei book of nail art

What is the Mei Mei Book of nail art?

The Mei Mei Book of Nail Art is a book designed by the Missu nail educator team. Complete with easy step by step pictures & text instructions to teach you how to create trendy nail art from comfort of your own home.  

Who is this book for?

If you love nail art & love doing your own nails then this book is designed for you. The Mei Mei Book of Nail Art is also perfect for new nail technicians who would like to learn some popular salon nail art designs.

Why do you need a nail art book?

A sneak peek into the
Mei Mei Nail Art Book…

If you need some nail art ideas or inspiration, there are 100’s in the Mei Mei Book. We will show you the easy step by steps with pictures and text instructions. It is very simple to follow and recreate each design! There are also inspiration pages that give you space to create your own designs. It will be your own little nail art bible when you are practising nails. 

In the book we have different levels of nail art skills for you to practice. Simply follow the step by step instructions to learn from basic designs to the more advanced.

You will learn how to create french nail tips, simple abstract designs, mirror effect and crystal applications to animal prints, cartoon characters, 3D flowers and trendy hand painted nail designs. In the book we have listed the products and tools you may need to use too!


Missu – Make It Super Simple to Use

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