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The Missu Difference

The Missu Difference

Interactive learning

We only enroll a small number of students for each of our classes so you can receive the correct attention that you need. Our courses are designed for all levels of experience.

Grow Your business

The Missu Academy provides free business advice for all of our students. Becoming a Missu Educator will give you the opportunity to open new doors in your nail business and enjoy new exciting experiences.

Seal of approval

All our beginner courses are ABT accredited, and you will receive a 10% off  discount on any ABT insurance packages once you have qualified with us.

Our nail courses

Book a 1-2-1 Class
with Missu UK Educators

Our 1-2-1 Class fee is £150 for 2 hours or £300 for a day (10am-3pm)


01942 568965