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Nail tutorials & nail art videos

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Collection of nail tutorials and videos – to help you kickstart your nail art experience and explore the Missu product world.

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Video Categories

Press on Nails

Gel Polish

4in1 Gel

Brush up

Flexi Press Tips

Sculpting Gel

Nail Art

Diamond Glitter


Press On Nails

Super easy to use and super cost effective – just press the nails onto your with adhesives and you’re good to go. And we have loads of designs for you to choose from! 

Gel Polish

Step-by-step videos on creating simple and advanced nail art design. See what you can do with our extensive range of gel nail product. 

4in1 Gel Polish

Here you can find all information and tips about our revolutionary 4in1 gel – from application to nail art to removal.

Brush up Builder Gel

There is so much you can do with brush up builder gel. This versatile product is great for overlaying and sculpting, and allows you to apply gel extensions easily. 

Flexi Press Tips

Flexi Press Tips can help you achieve perfectly shaped nails quickly and easily. The tips are made of special ABS material which are super flexible and kind to the natural nails. Watch the videos and see what you can do with it!

Sculpting Gel

We will show you how you can create any shapes or design you want with our Missu Sculpting Gel – it’s easy, and it’s super fun. Watch our tutorials. 

Diamond Glitter Gel

Everyone loves a bit of bling bling. There is so much you can do with our Diamond Glitter Gel – be it glitter nail art, glitter gel manicure, or glitter gel extensions.

Removals / Drill bits / Cuticle nippers

All the other useful stuff – from product removals to shaping nails. Get the basics right! 

Nail Art

Need inspiration and ideas on the latest nail art? Want to try creating 4d nail art? Check out our videos.

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