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Flexi Press Tips

Flexi Press Tips are designed for ease of use – you can learn it so easily too! It is perfect for short or bitten nails. The fully shaped tips allow you to spend much less time and speed up dramatically. You can achieve perfect shaped nail extntions in 30-40 minutes.

Flexi Press Tip Course

You can now book a Flexi Press Tips Enhancement Course for just £50 includind kit!

This online course is ideal for qualified nail techs who struggle with acrylic application or take too long to create a set of nail extensions in traditional methods. Now you can create a set of perfect shaped Flexi Press Tip gel extensions in 30-40 minutes, and save more time on nail art!

MISSU Academy

Learn the newest nail systems and on trend nail art with MISSU Academy. Online or face to face. Funding and payment plans are available for full beginner and CPD courses.

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