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About missu

Just like you, we’re a bunch of passionate nail artists, who want to make great nail products for different users. Under our brand, we have missu – providing nail supplies for salons and professionals; and MeiMei – introducing nail art for easy home use.

We also have great interest supporting other unique and individual business. Check our MeiLi for our latest collab.

And if you love beauty & nails as much as we do. Download our NailVision app – the one and only live stream, video tutorial and shopping platform! Registration is free. 

Discover our range

missu collection

missu – make it super simple to use. The high quality, top of the range nail supplies dedicated to salons and professional nail artists. Flagship products include missu Gel Polish, Flexi Press Tips & Brush Up Builder Gel, so you can create any nail designs easily and quickly for your customers (or yourself). 


MeiMei means ‘little sister’ – the new, young and fun brand under the missu umbrella. Big and bold, MeiMei brings the latest nail art designs and interesting ideas to casual home users. We also have dedicated nail kits and monthly beauty box – perfect for beginners; or nail art enthusiats who want to try some new designs or get some inspiration.


The ultimate beauty & nails app

Download our app to get free access to daily tutorials, weekly giveaways and more. Join our community or find out more about our app here.

Not just about nails.


MeiLi means ‘beautiful inside & out’. MeiLi presents our collaboration projects with great quality, interesting beauty products to support small, local businesses.

Check our our latest collaborations with some amazing spa products & must have facial items: TAKE A LOOK

Our Mission

What is missu, and why?

Missu is much more than a network for the beauty industry. Not only do we offer high quality and easy to use products we supply the knowledge behind them through our remarkable academy. We strive to make everybody feel welcome in the missu community providing you with a safe place to build on your skills. A fun-loving support system is guaranteed on your road to excelling in the industry.

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