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Sculpting Gel Range

Here at Missu Beauty, we have a range of products for sculpting gel. These include primer, the gel itself, including 4D gel, and two different starter kits. Our products are designed for professional use, so you know you will provide the highest standard of quality for your clients.

Our primer product offers an acid-free bond and comes in 6ml pots, suitable for both gel nails and acrylic nails. Our Missu Cool Sculpting Gel comes in a pot where you apply the brush separately. In addition to the base coat, there are five different colour options. It uses the most recent developments in nail technology, using a non-heat formula, which can be used for sculpting and overlaying with tips, curable with either a UV and LED lamp.

Our 4D Gel is a hard gel that feels like acrylic and available in six different colours. Unlike the soak-off cool sculpting gel, this product is filed off. It is curable by LED or UV lamp, and there are so many incredible techniques you can achieve.

For each of these gels, we offer a starter kit. The first includes a mini LED lamp, primer, gel brush, gel base coast, a non-wipe top coat, and a sculpting gel in a random colour to get you started. Finally, our 4D starter kit contains a similar range of products so you can begin your 4D sculpting journey. This includes the 4D gel brush, base and top coat, nail file and buffer, a cuticle pushed, 50 remover sachets for wiping the brush, and a random coloured 4D sculpting gel.