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Flexi Press Tips

The quick and easy way to achieve perfectly shaped nails

Missu Flexi Press Tips are a new nail enhancement system that uses gel products to bond a ready shaped full cover tip to the natural nail. The precision nails tips are made of special ABS material which are super flexible and kind to the natural nails. This enhancement can last up to 4 weeks, and can also be infilled or soaked off.

Flexi Press Tips are designed for ease of use – you can learn it so easily too! It is perfect for short or bitten nails. The fully shaped tips allow you to spend much less time and speed up dramatically. You can achieve perfect shaped nail extntions in 30-40 minutes.

The cost of a set of Flexi Press Tip nail enhancements is less than £2. And typically, you can charge between £30-£60 for a set of Flexi Press Tips without any nail art. Plus, you will be working much faster, which means more appointments, shorter working hours and more turnover.

Flexi Press Tips feel so natural on, yet are really hard wearing! Their flexibility makes them so much more durable and long lasting. They don’t have a ‘bulky’ appearence and are easily mistaken for natural long nails!

Ready to add Flexi Press Tips to your salon service?


You can now book a Flexi Press Tips conversion course for just £50 incl. Kit!

This online conversion course is ideal for people who struggle with acrylic application or take too long to create a set of nail extensions in traditional methods. Now you can create a set of perfect shaped Flexi Press Tip gel extensions in 30-40 minutes, and save more time on nail art!

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