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Introducing our MeiMei range

Exclusively designed for easy home use, brought to you by the Missu brand.

Exclusive gel polish line

Oh yes of course we have exclusive colours for our MeiMei fans! Only beauty box subscribers will receive them; and vip accounts can purchase them too.

More fun, more affordable

As a sister brand of Missu, MeiMei range gives you a lower cost option without compromising on quality. Now you can stock up without feeling guilty! 

Easy nail art at home

You don’t have to be a professional nail artist to create those amazing designs. With MeiMei, you only need very basic skills – plus we have free tutorials available too! 

High quality, home use product

What is in the MeiMei range?

We have everything you need to get those salon results and instagram worthy nails! From nail polish, nail wraps and press on nail, to other cute stuffs such as stationary, nail art book and beauty box – you name it! 

What else?

We can’t tell you too much yet, cause it’s still work in progress. But we’re releasing more products such as party packs and weekend packs which is perfect for girls who need an easy and fast way to glam up.  

Yes, we’re excited! 


Get informed when the MeiMei Beauty Box becomes available every month!

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