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Flexi Press Tip Starter Kit

£95.00 excl.TAX

Flexi Press Tip Starter Kit

Kit includes the following: (worths £132)
    • A box of  random shape Non-buffed Flexi Press Tips
    • A box of  random shape Pre-buffed Flexi Press Tips
    • Base Coat & Top Coat
    • Strengthener
    • Missu Mini Lamp

2 in stock

MeiMei Beauty Box

from £35 per month

The brand new MeiMei Beauty Box is a must have for all nail art lovers. Created by Missu nail artists, each box comes with a full set of products, equipment and step by step instruction.

Due to popular demand, subscription is only available during the first 7 days of the month. Subscribe to our newsletter to avoid disappointment!

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