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Acrylic Nail Powder

At Missu Beauty, we have an extensive range of acrylic nail supplies to provide customers with durable, long-lasting results. Acrylic nails refer to a popular type of artificial nail which are placed over the fingernails. Their advantages over other types of manicures includes their comparatively high level of durability, as well as their versatility. With acrylic nails it is possible to modify the shape and design, ranging from a natural appearance to wild and artistic designs. Whatever your individual style, there is sure to be an acrylic nail for you.

Before starting with any acrylic nail job, it’s essential to start with a primer. At Missu Beauty we also share video tutorials, where you can see step-by-step how you can go about creating the perfect set of acrylic nails. We are able to provide you with an acrylic starter kit, that comes with 100g of Crystal Clear acrylic powder, liquid, primer, brush and top coat. To take it a step further, we also supply a dipping acrylic starter kit, which also includes a strengthener, nail file set (the powder is supplied in a 30g pot in a random colour). We also sell acrylic liquid separately.

We have a huge variety of acrylic powder pots, designed by Tony Ly, usually supplied in 56g tubs. We also recommend our core colours range, and the magic holo collection, designed and mixed by Tony Ly. So, if you’re looking for the best acrylic powder in an array of colours, whether plain or glittery, then look no further. To find out more about our acrylic nails, please visit our contact page.