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14-Day Nail Art Challenge

Receive a daily nail art tutorial to practice and improve your nail art skills. Earn 1000 MISSU Point to shop online when you complete the challenge.

Receive 2 months of FREE access to the PolishPad booking system when you complete the challenge. Sign up your free account now.

Get a yearly subscription to Scratch magazine & a free entry in a Nailympia London competition. Get featured in Scratch magazine.

Join Our 14-Day Nail Art Challenge

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When does the challenge take place?

This challenge runs for 14 days, from 6th May to 19th May, 2024. Don’t forget to mark it on your calendar!


Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone in the ‘Missu Nails Support Group‘ on Facebook


What are the prizes?

Participants who complete all 14 sets of nail art and submit them on time will receive 1000 MISSU Points, 2 months of FREE access to the PolishPad booking system (worth £40), and 1 year subscription to Scratch Magazine (worth £45)!

Additionally, all designs will be entered into a competition, where the winner will be awarded a MISSU Prize Box worth £100, enjoy 30 bookings on PolishPad with no fees, a complimentary entry into a competition of your choice at Nailympia London, and a 1-2 page feature in Scratch magazine, as well as exposure on their social media channels.


How to enter?

Register now for free. Each morning between 6th May and 19th May, you will receive an email with a theme and nail art tutorial. You will need to create a set of nail art following the theme and design elements, featuring either 5 fingers or 5 nail tips. Additionally, you will need to submit your image in our Facebook Group by midnight each day.


How to win the grand prize for competition?

Each nail art picture you post daily automatically qualifies for the final competition, regardless of whether you’ve completed all 14 days. All pictures will be gathered for a public vote after the challenge. The entry with the highest number of votes wins the grand prize.


Register now to receive your welcome letter 🙂