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Meet our CEO – Helen Zeng

Who is the woman behind the brand? Well let’s be honest she isn’t very behind it – more like front and centre! Just where she should be. So how did Helen start her brand? What are her ethos and more importantly…. what does she have planned?

Helen started doing nails many moons ago when she first moved to her home town, she was mobile at first and eventually rented a room above a hairdressers. Within just a couple of years she built her nail and beauty business  into a roaring success. But more was to come. Helen spotted a gap in the market for nail art products, she began searching and planning and MISSU was born. She started with a small line of gel polishes and a few nail art products. She specialised in 3D and 4D designs and it wasn’t long before she started to pass on her knowledge through teaching. She began to build a small team and added more and more products until it became the mini empire that you see today. She knew how important education would be to support her customers and so MISSU Academy came soon after.

Helen is passionate about the industry and her products, she thrives on teaching and interacting with each and every customer. Customer service and support is at the forefront of her priorities. Over the last few years many of our customers have expressed their gratitude and admiration for Helen. I for one know just how hard she works, she sets her sights on her dream and she never gives up. Despite many challenges the company has faced, like during COVID, she always kept an incredibly positive mindset, kept everyone around her focused and encouraged people to keep going.

Helen is always open and loves to pass on her knowledge of business, after having a successful nail and beauty business for a number of years she is instrumental to our customers, offering all round support. Helen believes her success is due to never stopping learning, never giving up, always finding a solution and putting the customer and their needs first.

I have been very lucky to meet Helen and was honoured to be made a director along side her in 2021. Helen believes in seeing peoples values and encourages people to keep learning. So what is next for this inspiring lady?

Helen’s ideas and dreams literally know no bounds, she has set her targets for the year and intends to smash them. Helen is responsible for every single piece of content and course that you see, she designs every single product and teaches all of our courses. In 2023 Helen hopes to teach more and more students than any previous year and plans to travel much more to see more people face to face.

I think we can agree, she deserves a good break! (But she won’t take one)

Helen’s advice for you is to keep it simple, stay focused and be patient!

Love Gemma x

You can see all of our course dates with Helen here.

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