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How Do MISSU Flexi Press Tips improve your business?

How do Flexi Press Tips Improve Your Business?

So this is it, you have seen the adverts, you have seen the beautiful photos, you are now in love with the idea of converting your extension services to MISSU Gel Flexi Press Tips. Or maybe you’re already using this system and want to know if you’re using it to its advantages? As well as sharing with you our most recent survey results we will also discuss in this blog exactly how using a full cover tip system will benefit your business.  At the beginning of May 2022 we sent out the following survey:  We asked first of all if they were already using Flexi Press tips as opposed to other methods of extensions, 79.5% said that they were. The other 20.5% reported the following reasons for not already using flexi press tips: I haven’t purchased yet but so want to!” and “It is something I want to learn more about” finally “I’m not financially able to purchase new products often but I would love to try them & I’m keen to purchase MISSU products but ££ is tight. First and foremost, using Flexi Press Tips is more cost-effective and profitable than any other extension method on the market. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. Flexi Press Tips take half the time to apply than other traditional methods. Meaning you can fit more clients in, thus creating more income. They are quicker to apply because they are easier, you don’t have to build any shape or determine the length and there is minimal filing.
  2. You charge the same for a set of Flexi Press Tips as you would for any other extension method, yet take less time.
  3. A box of Flexi Press Tips costs £18 plus VAT and contains approximately 30-40 sets. At most a full set will cost you 72p! You then need our function gel set to prep, adhere and finish. Our function gel costs £35+ VAT and will be enough for roughly 30 sets of Flexi Press Tips. Bringing your total cost per set to £2.12. 

Secondly, MISSU flexi press tips ensure that the sets of nails you produce are a perfect length and shape every time. They require very little training or practice to perfect. They are super simple to use.  We have 3 different types of Flexi Press Tips, we have non-buffed, pre-buffed and half buffed. We also have extra long shapes, extra wide shapes and naturally coloured. In fact we have the biggest variety of length, shape and colours currently on the market. We have an even distribution of which type people prefer, 25.8% use our half buffed, 35.5% use our non-buffed and the most popular shape at 38.7% is our pre-buffed. Pre-buffed are definitely the quickest, but if you prefer a longer length then it is advised to use a non-buffed as the tip itself is stronger.  74.3% of our customers are satisfied with our range of shapes in Flexi Press Tips, but some have expressed an interest in seeing more colours and more variety specifically in the pre-buffed category. MISSU will be working on this in the coming months to bring to the market exactly what people want to see.

So how did our customers report that Flexi Press Tips improved their business? Our first responder stated that the Flexi Tips were “So quick and easy, no issues, clients and staff love them.” Another said “I can do so many more sets of nails within the day” A final example of our recent testimonies was “They have boosted income and reduced the time it takes to do a full set and no more monomer smelling up the place! My clients and I prefer them”.

We offer a fully accredited course for flexi press tips, you can see our current online and face to face course dates here: Level 1 Gel Flexi Press Tip Enhancement. As MISSU Flexi Press Tips are so easy to learn and we are so passionate about supporting and educating we are offering our Flexi Press Conversion Course for free. We currently have different dates and locations for Free conversion courses in the UK including NI. In order to participate in the conversion course you must be qualified in at least Gel Manicure. We do take a £20 booking fee to secure your place, but we give you this back as a voucher on the day. We will have more face to face conversion dates coming in 2022. You will find all of those dates and can book our current one here: Flexi Press Conversion Course Booking Fee.

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