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Brush Up Builder Gel – Lipstick

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Brush Up Builder Gel - Lipstick

Brush Up Builder Gel - Lipstick is extension gel in a bottle for quick and easy overlays and extensions. It's unique to the nail industry as it is the easiest way to create gel overlay, either on natural nails or for gel extensions. Missu Builder Gel is not like other ordinary builder gel or extension gel! Of course we have all the classic colours readily available, but we also have new, seasonal colours as well. Choose from over 16 colours or opt for our ombre kit, which can help you achieve different nail art looks.

This builder gel comes in a handy 12ml bottle with it's own separate brush lid for easy and accurate application. With the attached brush, you can just use it like any other gel polish bottle – it’s quick, it’s convenient and it’s ‘mess-free’. See it in action HERE! Don’t forget to use our Brush UP Builder Gel with the Base Coat and Non Wipe Top Coat too! We have both the None Wipe Matte and Shiny Top Coats available - why not opt for both?

How to use Brush Up Builder Gel?

  1. Push the cuticle back using a cuticle pusher.
  2. Shape the natural nail.
  3. Buff the natural nail to remove any shine.
  4. (Optional) Add nail extension tips or Flexi Press Tips.
  5. Apply Base Coat and cure under the lamp for 45 seconds.
  6. Now apply 2 layers of Brush Up Builder Gel and cure 60 seconds in-between.
  7. Wipe the sticky layer off with Gel Remover Sachet.
  8. Buff and shape the nail the desired look.
  9. Then apply Top Coat.
  10. Once again cure this under the Mini Lamp for 60-90 seconds.
  11. Finish by applying Missu Cuticle Oil around the nail – try not to get it on the Brush Up Builder Gel itself.


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3 reviews for Brush Up Builder Gel – Lipstick

  1. Christina (verified owner)

    This is a new one I haven’t tried yet, but will be giving it ago in winter as it’s a lush warm colour,
    All builders are easy & super amazing quality, always Infiling nails, I’m an all gel based nail tech & this is my go to brand!! From gels to nail art

    Builder gel all the way!! Obsessed with BLUSH the most!!

  2. Emma C. (verified owner)

    Lovely and vibrant colour

  3. Gemma C M Luker (verified owner)


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