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Nail Art Brush Cleanser

Nail artists’ top secret. How to keep your brushes under the best condition all the time.

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Love doing nail art but struggling to keep your brush clean and soft?

Missu has designed this special formulated Brush Cleanser to soak the gel colour off your brushes and keep them moisturised.

Check out the video tutorial below to find out the secret 😀

Size: 60ml

4 reviews for Nail Art Brush Cleanser

  1. Emma Gifford

    This is a must have if you do nail art, especially if you use glitter. This cleanser removes everything from the brush. It truly is amazing.

  2. Scliff (verified owner)

    Love this stuff so much!! It cleanses all my brushes, my nail art ones, my hard gel brush, even my one stroke brushes! It keeps my brushes in shape and soft ready for next use!

  3. Barbara Shepherd (verified owner)

    Everyone should use this cleanser, you think your brushes are clean and when this is used you will see the gel colours come out making brushes like new, it’s a must have product

  4. Hannah Smyth (verified owner)

    This is a must have for any nail tech. It removes everything from the brushes, even the very fine detail brushes, leaving them very soft and ready for the next time you use them.

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