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Nail Art Colour Palette

(5 customer reviews)

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4.98 rating (874 reviews)

Nail Art Colour Palette

Do you love to create nail art designs or love mixing your own colours and shades?

This colour palette is perfect for those who often create nail art designs and need that extra space to mix and blend product colours, without the usual mess.

This palette comes compact with a super easy close lid so you can come back to the palette knowing your product is safe to use and won't be cured.

Our Nail Art Colour Palette has a handy white silicone insert sheet, which can easily be wiped clean and removed for any extra cleaning you may need to do. If any product does dry on the silicone sheet, it can be easily picked off or washed away. Our Gel Cleaner helps to clean this product before and after use.

The silicone sheet is perfect for mixing gel colours and laying out any colours you wish to use. The nature of the silicone sheet means that the product doesn't easily run, bleed or move around, meaning you have total control. Also, with the sheet being white this means that the products and colours you use look nice, bright and clear.

Check out our YouTube page for some nail art inspiration HERE



5 reviews for Nail Art Colour Palette

  1. Hannah Smyth (verified owner)

    This colour palette is a must for nail art. You can put the amount of gel polish or pro gel you need on the silicone pad and once your done you can just keep it closed and there’s no waste and also it’s keeps the polish wet so you can use it again and again! If you need to clean the palette just cure the polish on the silicone pad and then peel it off and there you have a clean palette!

  2. untoldnails (verified owner)

    This is amazing and such a must have for nail art. It’s very easy to clean and the gel polish colours don’t stain the material.
    The lid closes shut very well and the colours inside don’t cure while it’s closed and ban then be resused.

  3. Hilary Connor (verified owner)

    Love this pallette

  4. Sophie G. (verified owner)

    Amazing. This is a must have as a nail tech.

  5. tina g. (verified owner)

    This is just great if you know your going to use the colour the next day you can just close the lid and gel is fine next day

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