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Nail Stamping Polish

Let’s make nail art fun and easy! Nail stamping is quick and easy only takes a few minutes to create effortless nail designs.


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Nail Stamping Polish

When using Stamping Polish, you need to apply Skin Protector on the nail fringe to prevent the extra pattern to print on your fingers, and just tear it off after use. Stamping nail polish should be moderate, otherwise, it will be uneven and easy to dry too fast if the stamping nail polish is too little. On the contrary, it will affect the drawing effect if it apply too much . It is recommended to use stamping polish as it dries faster.

Suitable for professional and home use.

How to use:

  • Prep your nails by pushing your cuticles and buff the natural shine off your nails.
  • Apply gel polish or acrylic or nail polish of your choice.
  • Apply some stamping polishing agent to the stamping plate pattern, use the scraper to scrape the needless polish on the plate pattern quickly.
  • Then press the stamper gently, print the pattern.
  • Stamp the stamper scroll to your nails lightly and the pattern will be applied to your nails.
  • Finish off your design by top coat the seal everything.

For more inspiration check out our instagram!

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Nail Stamping

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