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Non Wipe Top Coat Refill Bottle

Non Wipe Top Coat Refill Bottle that is worth £160. Perfect for salon users who will go through top coat like crazy.

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Non Wipe Top Coat Refill Bottle

At missu we offer Non Wipe Shiny & Matt Top Coat, which is the most essential product you will need if you are doing nails on yourself or others. We have designed the non wipe formula so it steps things up by missing one step of the process. This is the refill bottle for our non wipe shiny top coat (worth £160).

120ml is equivalent to 10 bottles of our regular 12ml package, which will save you £71!

How to use Non Wipe Top Coat?

  1. Push the cuticle back using a cuticle pusher.
  2. Shape the natural nail.
  3. Buff the natural nail to remove any shine.
  4. (Optional) Add nail extension tips or Flexi Press Tips.
  5. Apply Base Coat and cure under the lamp for 45 seconds.
  6. Now apply 2 layers of Gel Polish or many other products you choose to use and cure 60 seconds in-between.
  7. Then apply Top Coat.
  8. Once again cure this under the Mini Lamp for 60-90 seconds.
  9. Finish by applying Missu Cuticle Oil around the nail.

More product information:

. Cure under a 36W UV lamp for 2 minutes
. Cure under Missu LED lamp for 45 seconds
. High shine, long-lasting finish

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