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Gel Polish Function Gel

Make It Super Simple to Use…

At MISSU,  we want all nail technicians to feel like doing nails is fun!

We believe that products should be simple to use, and that high quality, professional products don’t have to have a big price tag!

Everyone is welcome…

At MISSU, everyone is welcome, no matter what skill level of nail artist you are, we are here to support each other and improve our skills together. Join the MISSU Facebook Support Group to share your stories and join our free LIVE Class every week.

Missu Academy

Learn the latest nail systems and on trend nail art with MISSU Academy. Online and face to face available. Funding and payment plans are accesible for full beginner and CPD courses.

Check out MISSU course details and availability. 


How to collaborate
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Love MISSU? Want to introduce our products to your customers or students? Drop us a message, we won’t bite!

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Where it all began…

Allow us to introduce Helen Zeng, the CEO of Missu Beauty Network Ltd. Back in 2008, while pursuing her marketing degree, Helen established MISSU as her personal brand for her part-time online business. Helen’s passion for nails led her to complete a nail course and build a remarkable following on social media, resulting in a successful nail and beauty business.

Driven by her desire to offer unique nail products tailored to her own needs, Helen founded Missu Beauty Network Ltd and established the Missu Academy in 2016. Since then, Missu Beauty Network Ltd has introduced various product lines, ranging from Gel Polish to Builder Gel, Flexi Press Tips, and an array of fantastic Nail Art products.




Behind the scenes

Meet the team

Helen Zeng

Helen Zeng

CEO and Founder

As the CEO and founder of missu, Helen is the brains behind the whole master plan. A talented nail artist, successful business woman and an all round fantastic supporter and educator. Helen offers daily free education via our social platforms and weekly lives. She creates all of our missu content and aids the information for all of our courses. As well as that Helen designs all of our products!



Gemma Scott

Gemma Scott

Managing Director

Gemma has been with the company since 2016 and became the managing director in 2021. She oversees the entire MISSU Academy and Affiliate. Gemma’s background is in education within the industry, and she assists with all the courses and trains our educators. So if you are looking to collaberate with MISSU or take a missu course then please contact her. Similarly, if you would like to apply to become an educator then please send your CV and a portfolio of your work over to her email.

💌 | 07759491778

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Meet our CEO – Helen Zeng

Meet our CEO – Helen Zeng

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