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All About Our Nail Tools

Nail Tools

Here at Missu beauty, we aim to supply everything you could need for a flourishing nail business, and we pride ourselves on our professional products, offering you and your clients the best quality you could wish for. Today we are going to draw the spotlight on our nail tools, which includes products for use on cuticles, nail filing tools, nail buffing tools, nail forms, gel polish remover sachets, and a mini LED travel lamp


When it comes to cuticles, it is essential to prepare the area in the best way in order to provide a great base for nail art. As cuticles grow naturally along with your nails, they can make the nails look short and uneven, which is why we use a cuticle pusher. To achieve the best results, we use cuticle oil, which is a moisturising product that can help protect both the nail itself and the cuticle from any trauma, offering protection for a lasting shine.

Nail Filing

Our Missu nail files are available with varying grits, including 100, 100/150, 150 and 180. They are made to be long-lasting and are suitable for all kinds of manicure and pedicure treatments. The lowest level grit of 100 is within the coarse category, and is recommended for reducing the length and shaping acrylics or gels. Those above this are in the medium category and can be used both on the natural nail very lightly, as well as for shaping the free edge of acrylics or gels. Each are available individually or as a pack of 5 or 10.

Nail Buffing

At Missu Beauty, we offer nail buffers in quantities of one, five, and ten in colours including pink, green, blue, purple and yellow (these are picked randomly when purchased). They offer a grit of 100/180 and are made to be long-lasting. These sponge nail buffers are suitable for all kinds of manicures and pedicures to buff the nail and make it appear more consistent and shinier.


We also stock nail forms, gel polish remover sachets and our mini LED travel lamps. Nail forms include clear gel and silver acrylic. The clear gel nail forms are appropriate for gel sculpting and 3D nail art and you will find 500 pieces in one roll, whilst the silver acrylic nail forms are suitable for acrylic sculpting and 3D nail art. Our gel polish remover sachets are supplied as either 12 sachets, or 100 sachets, with each sachet removing one nail. Lastly, our mini LED travel lamp provides 6 watts of LED/UV light for professional and personal use. It has a handy 45 second timer setting and is ideal for use when travelling due to its size and the fact that it is wireless. It can be used while charging, and once charged it can be used up to 32 times.

Contact Us

To find out more about our Missu nail tools and make an online purchase, please get in touch with us by filling out our online contact form, or by emailing us at To speak to a member of our Wigan team directly you can also call us on 01942 568965. We will be glad to answer any queries you may have about our products and services.

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