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Increase Salon Income without adding extra work

Post-covid recovery is more important than ever now for nail and beauty salons. At MISSU we would like to give you the best support and get through this hard time with you. On the business support side, we would like to talk about how adding retail products can help your business. Offering retail as a salon owner or mobile nail technician can feel very daunting. People instantly think it’s an investment and a big step. It is an investment but it doesn’t have to be on a huge scale to begin with. The benefits of offering retail achieve a few things:

  1. More turnover
  2. Aftercare for your customer
  3. Profit without spending time
  4. Leads to more services 
  5. Customer retention

Now is a time, more than ever, to be replacing lost revenue and increasing your turnover to cover ever rising costs. Adding retail is one of the easiest ways of doing this. You can offer retail in a number of different ways. Direct sales are usually the most common when during your clients service you discuss their needs and aftercare. You can branch out into online sales via your Facebook business page or website, and you can offer walk-in customers a place to shop for their nail needs. Starting with the easiest, when you are with a client, we always talk about the health of their nails and what their goals are. Such as growing the length and improving the condition of dry skin. It is at this point where you will also offer ongoing treatments and aftercare.  The easiest and most effective retail sale is cuticle oil, it is very affordable for the customer to add to their service. It is very easy to use and generates great repeat custom. We recommend retailing our cuticle oil at £3.50. This is only a recomendation. If you were to sell to 3 clients a day for 5 days per week you would sell a total of 65 cuticle oils per month. That is worth over £200 in turnover. (That would cover a bill!) But of course, you need to purchase them, so let’s look at the profit. Our full price to you is £3 inc VAT meaning you would generate 50p profit per sale (equates to £32.5 profit per month) However, you can buy in bulk, especially if you are retailing, by buying in bulk you bring your profit up, because your cost will come down. From there, you can look to reinvest that profit into more retail, and more profitable retail. You can offer various products such as cuticle remover, nail files, acetone remover sachets, press on nails, nail wraps… and so on. You can even put together your own sets and mark up the RRP. Again, selling retail isn’t just about generating instant profit, it is also about offering a great service to your customer and aftercare/advice. You will retain more clients. Please let us know if this information is helpful. We also have YouTube channel for product tutorials if you ever needed.

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